XPS Document

Advanced, cross-platform XPS editing and document manipulation.

The world of document formats is changing. Users in print or enterprise environments are looking for an easier accessible, more flexible solution to generate and manipulate documents. Created by Microsoft®, XPS is an open, XML-based file format that serves as default page description and print spooling technology in Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows® Vista®. While now millions of users can easily create XPS files from any application, NiXPS provides the tools needed to take full advantage of the XPS features and benefits.

NiXPS Edit, the company’s premium product, is an interactive XPS viewing and editing application built around four main functional areas:

With its document merge and page extraction features, NiXPS Edit provide the basic features needed in any professional document environment. On top of its quick search and replace feature, NiXPS Edit’s new inspector also allows you to interactively change or correct text. When needed you can also export your document to PDF to facilitate document exchange with environments less familiar with XPS.

But NiXPS Edit goes even further and reveals the true power of XPS. Available on Mac and PC, NiXPS Edit extends the reach of XPS beyond Microsoft Vista. By combining this with a host of corrective editing capabilities XPS becomes a viable document format for the graphic arts community. The new Personalize feature allows you to efficiently create targeted mail pieces or other personalized documents, providing an ideal solution for Variable Data Printing environments. Key Features

View XPS Files on Mac & PC

NiXPS Edit hosts a native XPS rendering engine for efficient and comprehensive XPS visualization. This allows you to open and preview XPS documents, access the document via thumbnails in the page list, or use the continuous view control directly to easily read large documents. Zoom and scroll tools are also provided, providing powerful tools to inspect your XPS files in full detail, on any platform.

Merge documents, extract pages

The Merge feature allows you to combine different documents into one. The Extract feature on the other hand exports specific pages into separate XPS documents.

Edit, search and replace text

NiXPS Edit features a full set of text editing capabilities. Through the Inspector you can interactively edit selected text. The search and replace feature allows you to change specific text throughout the entire document. You can now find text in a split second with the Quick Search feature, instantly highlighting the text string you are looking for.

Move, delete objects

With the Select and Move tools you can now manipulate individual objects in an XPS file. You can drag them to a different location or precisely put them where you want through the Metrics panel in the Inspector.

Change Color

The new Inspector allows you to interactively select and inspect different objects in a document. This also enables you to change the color of any object in the file.

Print XPS Files on Mac & Windows

NiXPS Edit features an in application print menu. This allows you to make a print out any XPS document on a Mac or a Windows PC.

Export to PDF

To facilitate document exchange with environments less familiar with XPS, NiXPS Edit allows you to convert your XPS files to PDF.

Browse the file structure and extract elements

The Document Browser is an advanced document inspection tool enabling you to browse through the the entire structure and the different elements of the XPS file. Here you can see which fonts are used, inspect and extract images, get Package info and scroll through the Package Tree.

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