Do More With XPS
Introducing NiXPS View v3.0 for Mac & PC


New UI
Get things done quicker and more efficient. Set NiXPS View as your default XPS viewer and you can quickly redact your documents, annotate them and send them out as XPS or PDF - all from one and the same app. Our Quicksearch is a true 'search while you type', because nobody likes to wait for slow computers. UI is also about quality and finesse. Like our QuickLook integration on MacOSX.
Add beautiful, impressive notes to your XPS documents to draw the attention of the people you share your documents with. You can add, move and edit notes in NiXPS View; everyone can view them in any XPS compatible viewer like the default Microsoft XPS Viewers that are part of Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Text Corrections
Don't you just hate it when you have prepared your document so carefully, you suddenly notice a small typo just before printing or sending out? Or a line of text that you agreed to remove, but is still in there? NiXPS View makes last-minute text corrections easy with its inline text editing tool. Saving you time, when you don't have any to spend...
Convert your XPS documents to PDF without going over a printer driver. This ensures high-quality, fully searchable, vector PDFs. NiXPS View can also generate PDF files that adhere to the PDF/A-1b specification, making it a perfect fit if you need to deliver PDF/A compliant files.